Tools & Worksheets

Please feel free to download the tools and worksheets on this page. Please do not alter or change them in any way. Thanks!

Sensory Tools

The following sensory tools may be printed out for use with your child or client. Please do not make any changes to the forms other than to add your child's individual strategies etc.. More info to come!

My Alertness Scale:
This scale can be used to help children focus and be ready for learning and playing. There are some simple strategies on the scale but you can customize it by adding specific strategies that work for your child. You will notice that some of the strategies are the same for each alertness zone - this is because muscle work helps us to stay and to get back into our "Just Right" zone. Some children benefit from using the colours of each zone to help them identify how they are feeling.

My Alertness Scale.pdf

The 5 Point Scale (adapted from the Incredible 5 Point Scale by K. Dunn Buron):

This scale has been adapted for use from the Incredible 5 Point Scale. I have made it into a fillable form so that you can easily type in how your child looks and feels at each point on the scale and then type in the strategies that they or someone else (e.g. a teacher) can use when your child is starting to feel that way. By describing how your child "looks" at each point, others in their environment can support them better. Try to head things off by recognizing the behaviours or responses by #3 or before!

5 pt scale fillable form.pdf

Writing Tools

This page contains resources that you can print out to use with your child to help them develop good writing habits and improve their skills. It is important for your child to develop consistent, efficient and legible writing if they are able to.

Printing Rules: 

You can choose which resource to print out depending on your child's age and developmental level.


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