App Review: iSpot PRO for Kids by Mayuir Sidhpara

Posted by Dianne Saunders on February 9, 2013 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

App Review: iSpot PRO for Kids by Mayuir Sidhpara


iSpot PRO for Kids is an easy to use “spot the differences” app. The graphics are well designed and the recent addition of sound makes it easy for non-readers to know when they have been successful. There are 7 different themed game packs with a total of 35 scenes to choose from within the app. The user must find 3 differences between each picture and the differences are usually missing objects or differences in colours so that even young users can play. Unlimited hints are available and there are no in-app purchases or ads. Kids are rewarded with a certificate upon completing the game packs. The user interface is clean and simple.


The app is described by the developer as using real-life scenarios to teach and familiarize children with their surroundings. From an OT perspective, this app can be helpful in developing visual discrimination and scanning skills. It would be nice to be able to progress to more complex levels in the app either in the form of having to find more differences and/or more subtle differences between the pictures.

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Disclosure – this writer was provided with a copy of this app free of charge to evaluate it. No monies or other forms of compensation were provided.


App Review: Visual Attention TherAppy by Tactus Therapy

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Visual Attention TherAppy by Tactus Therapy


Before I begin my review, I would like to apologize for the length of time that has passed since I first received this app. Tactus Therapy provided me with this app to try with clients in return for a review of their app. At the time, I did not have many children who needed to work on these skills and did not just want to provide feedback based only on my use of the app. I have since used the app with children between the ages of 7 and 10 and feel more comfortable writing about my experience with it.


Visual Attention TherAppy is described as “an adjustable training tool for reading, dyslexia, neglect, and other attention deficits”. The children that I used it with had reading and attention difficulties and some appeared to be slow to process visual information. It was also helpful for working memory when 2 letters or symbols were used. One child I used it with had significant copying difficulties.


The app is straightforward and easy to use. There are many options to choose from in order to customize the activities to your client’s needs. To track progress, the results of each session can be emailed and because the children were using my iPad, I just emailed them to myself.

When I first used the app myself, I was not sure that children would be motivated to use it as it is designed more for adults in that there are no cute characters, music or games as in many other apps. But, for the children that I used it with, the “no nonsense” feature of the app was ideal and really seemed to help them with their attention and task persistence. They especially enjoyed the immediate feedback they got regarding their speed and accuracy on the tasks.

I would recommend this app for school aged children who are having difficulty with visual scanning/tracking, reading, working memory and copying skills.

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