Parent & Teacher Resources

 This section contains a variety of articles, handouts and videos.

Please keep in mind that these resources are not intended to replace the services of an Occupational Therapist.


Fine Motor Skills


  • Handwriting Warm-Ups - Four fast warm-up exercises that can be done prior to writing activities.   Handwriting Warmups.pdf
Thera-Band Academy Exercises for Kids
  • Theraband Exercises - This handout has exercises for strengthening shoulders, arms and legs. Pictures are included with the directions. Program-Bands-KIDS.pdf

  • Therapy Ball Exercises - This handout has exercises for balance and core strengthening. Pictures are included with the directions.  Program-Balls-KIDS.pdf



OT Rap - A fun way that some OT students have explained what OT is!


Asperger's Syndrome explained for kids

Sensory Processing Information
  • What is Sensory Processing Disorder? - This fun video explains sensory processing difficulties in easy to understand terms.

  • The Sensory Team Handbook - This video  provides information about a great resource that can be used to help pre-teens and teens understand and learn to manage sensory processing challenges.


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